Iron Woman Competition
Rules and Procedures

  Each woman must possess the following to partake in the Iron Woman Contest:

  • Skirt, Bodice & Mop Cap
  • Cast Iron Frying Pan
  • Needle, Threat and Patch
  • Man to Participate with Them

The competition will run as follows:

  • Each competitor will start off in their chemise and will have to get fully dressed  (skirt, bodice and mop cap) Must be fully dressed including lacing and tying up the bodice fully - 10 second penalty
  • Run a short distance and will have to throw a frying pan at three different targets   5 frying pans will be provided for throwing.  Once you have thrown all 5, you must proceed to the next stage. - 10 second penalty for each target missed.
  • Run a short distance pick up your needle, threat and patch and sew a patch on the chemise chest of your chosen man. 15 strokes of the needle and threat must be completed - 10 second penalty.
  • Run, skip or jump hand and hand with your man to the tavern, pour two beers or a substitute beverage and drink it completely and say together God Save the King or “Long Live President Madison” - 20 second penalty not finishing the drinks.

 Best overall time will be considered the champion!!!  Judges and timers decisions are final.  Remember it is all in good fun!!!! 

Caution - Be careful when participating!!! Running, jumping, needles, frying pans and beverage drinking is involved.  Judge yourself accordingly!!!


Iron Women Hall of Fame

2000 - One Feather             Four Directions Flint & Feather
2003 - Laura Jones              Royal Newfoundland Regiment
2004 - Judie Glen                Glen Farms Past Times
2005 - Sharon Miller           The Seamstress Miller
2006 - Leigh Hodgins          25th US Infantry
2008 - Amanda Wright        Norfolk Militia





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