Red Coat Iron Man Competition
Rules and Procedures

Each man must possess the following to partake in the Red Coat Iron Man Contest:

·        Regular Issue Tunic with Lapels

·        Regular Issue Shako (Headgear)

·        Full Length - Brown Bess or Charleville Musket with ramrod & bayonet

·        Cross Belts, Bayonet Scabbard, Cartridge Box & 5 Black Powder Rounds 

 The competition will run as follows:

 Each contestant starts off at one end of the island with just his underclothes.  Once the official starts the timer the contestant must complete the following in the least amount of time:

·          Get fully dressed including lapels (Properly) - 5 second penalty.

·          Run a distance stop and fix bayonets - 5 second penalty for not stopping to fix bayonet.

·          Charge dummy soldier and break at least one balloon with bayonet on his chest. 10 second penalty for failing to break balloon.

·          Stop, unfix bayonet - 5 second penalty for not stopping to unfix bayonet.

·          Run a distance and club second dummy soldier with the butt of the musket.  Must make full contact with the dummy - 5 second penalty for missing.    

·          Run a distance to the firing range and fire 3 shots as quickly as you can with ramming will the drill sergeant whispers sweet nothings into your ears. 15 second penalty for each shot not fired.

·          Run a distance to the tavern, sit down, drink a cup of beer or substitute as fast as you can than stand up and say “God Save the King” or “Long Live President Madison” - 20 second penalty for not drinking the beverage completely.

 Best overall time will be considered the champion!!!  Judges and timers decisions are final.  Remember it is all in good fun!!!! 

Caution - Be careful when participating!!! Running, jumping, bayonets, firing muskets and beverage drinking is involved.  Judge yourself accordingly!!!

Iron Man Hall of Fame

2000 - Jason Bainbridge           89th Regiment
2001 - Tom Wilkins                US Militia
2003 - Rick Peterson              89th Regiment
2004 - Neil Hurlbut                25th US Infantry
2005 - Darryn Flameling            1st Royal Scots Grenadiers
2006 - Neil Hurlbut                25th US Infantry
2007 - Neil Hurlbut                25th US Infantry
2008 - Ian Stumpf                 1st Royal Scots Grenadiers
2009 - Matt Webb           25th US Infantry






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