Drawing on traditional sounds and contemporary influences for their timeless melodies, Tamarack is folk music at its best. With vocal harmonies as true as the stories they have to tell, Tamarack's music explores the Canadian landscape and the people and events that shape our national character.

Expertly weaving a rich wall of sound with an array of instruments (guitar, mandolin, bass, violin, bazouki, concertina, bodhran, pennywhistle), a Tamarack live performance is charged with the same passion and commitment as the characters in their songs. With finely-honed songwriting skills this group creates new songs out of old legends, literally making history sing.

The songs of Tamarack go beyond place and time to speak to all of us about where we've been and where we're going.


Backroads, with Ken Allen and Joe Springall, bring a diverse mix of acoustic guitar playing, harmonicas and harmonies to their festival audience. From their original tunes to other artist’s songs, you will feel that you have traveled, north, south, east and west. The unique blend of music is enjoyed by all ages, and will have you toe tapping in no time. Kick back, relax and enjoy the warm, sweet, summer sounds of Backroads.

For more information and to book the band contact:

Joe Springall: Joe@joespringall.com

Ken Allen: Areedallen@aol.com

Caber Toss

Caber Toss is a Celtic band based out of North Bay.  We play everything from traditional Scottish and Irish Celtic/folk jigs to modern day Celtic tunes that have recaptured the spirit of the music.  We like to cover new music such as Great Big Sea and Spirit of the West but also cover older artists such as Stan Rogers and the Irish Rovers.  It has been a goal from the beginning to incorporate tunes that no longer surface at concerts such as jigs and songs that were written as far back as the 1800's but with a new added twist to give them live audience appeal.  We have always believed in strong harmony singing and always make a point of adding a few A Cappella tunes to our set.


Zoom Daddys

The zoom daddys are a band of three musicians, all proud descendants of army deserters from long ago. Armed with guitars, harmonicas, and rocks (for self defence against bears and critics) the zoom daddys combine wit, zaniness, comedy, humour, and even some funny stuff in their songs. They wander around aimlessly throughout the land in search of listening ears, preferably listening ears attached to people. The group features brothers Richard and David DeJonge and Ivan Arneill. Richard and David met one morning at the breakfast table when they were quite young. After a heated argument about how many raisins are in 2 scoops, they quickly discovered that it would be more fun and less violent if they sang about the after effects of too much bran. Thus, their musical journey began. They met Ivan 20 years later in prison and formed the zoom daddys shortly after their escape.

For Over 15 years, these bizarre minstrels have played and sang all across Canada and almost half of the time - from outside prison walls. Tell them your name and you may get a special improvised song just for you! Show them your money and watch their hungry eyes bulge out. Expect the unexpected and be ready to run away if necessary but whatever you do, don't miss the zoom daddys.

If you enjoy the music you hear the zoom daddys will gladly sell you their CD. If you hate the music you hear they will gladly sell you a CD for you to give away to your annoying relative at Christmas. Everybody wins!

For more information or to order a CD contact Richard DeJonge at 519-913-0186 or richarddejonge@rogers.com

Laura Ingersoll Secord  - Pauline Grondin

A resident of Queenston and heroine of Upper Canada who help save her country from the enemy in 1813. Pauline a professional storyteller, heritage performer and historical interpreter who has been telling stories and making music all of her life. Following her French Canadian and Irish roots, Pauline’s storytelling has delighted audiences of all ages in Canada, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.  In the oral tradition of storytelling she presents a potpourri of stories, legends and myths, many of them self-penned and told in first person.  Pauline took her love of storytelling one-step further to include living history presentations.  Dressed in period clothing she will take you back to yesteryear to share tales of the early settlers who planted their roots firmly in Canadian soil through adventure, hardship and joy.


Dr. Quimby (Medicine Man)

Meet Dr. Phineus P. Quimby, medical wizard. Marvel at his Medicine Show as he demonstrates his prestidigitation to awe and inspire. Sample his potent elixir - sweet enough to cure all ills or to pour over your pancakes!

"Dr. Phineus Parkhurst Quimby, your most humble and obedient servant, is pleased to inform all and sundry who are attentive to this missive that his practice of "Miraculum Medicosity" with its attendant display of prestidigitation to inspire awe and wonder will be presented for two days only on the Village Green at the Faire at the Forks. Phrenological readings and circumlocutory dispensations are a specialty!

Your Obedient Servant,

- Don't miss this tongue twister of a performance, and perhaps purchase a particularly poignant product presented to preclude precarious living.

For more information contact:

Bob Allan
Email: allanharps@hotmail.com 

19th Century Military Surgeon

If you have concerns about our health care system today, you will appreciate it a lot more after a demonstration of 19th century medical care services. Witness and listen well as the surgeon explains and demonstrates the crude ways of dealing with amputations, infections and other ailments of the time. New patients are always welcomed!!


Native Drumming & Singing The On-gwe-ho-way Native re-enactment includes some amazing singers and sensational storytellers who know a variety of songs that are (and were) sung by a variety of the nations, and several of the legends that have been an important part of the culture for centuries, and hopefully will be for many more.

Website: www.native-reenactors.ca
E-mail: turtleisland@native-reenactors.ca

Sutler Cyrus and the Snake Oil Show

Sutler Cyrus brings you a dazzling selection of finest quality, well-researched historic games and toys, jewellery, and non-functioning reproduction arms. Our world-famous Cartridge Candy can't be beat! The Monkey Minstrel Show featuring Monkey See and Monkey Do as well as feats of magic and healing potions is pure entertainment for all ages.

Shaymus the Story Teller - Doug Robinson

Shaymus the storyteller know by some as Shaymus Gunn is an amateur historian and life-long entertainer from Chatham, Ontario.  Doug draws on the age-old minstrel/jester traditions by sharing hi love of history through entertainment.  Well versed in medieval tales and pioneer lore.  For the past several years, Doug has been focusing on Canadian pioneer history, specifically the War of 1812 and United Empire Loyalist Settlers.



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